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Whole House Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Selection Wellington

A whole-house heat pump system efficiently heats homes in winter and cools in summer. Let Lite Energy help you decide on the best heat pump system for you.

A whole-house heat pump system can provide Kiwi homes with warmth in winter, cool air in summer, and dry, ventilated air year round.

Heat pumps offer some of the most advanced technology in home heating for greater energy efficiency, and therefore lower power bills and a kinder environmental impact. Whether that’s through an air-to-air system or the newer hot water heat pump system, Lite Energy strongly believes in making the switch to greener energy and helping homeowners reduce their annual power consumption.

Whole house heat pump options

Many Kiwis homes have embraced heat pumps by installing them in living areas, but this efficient technology can be used throughout the house for even more energy savings.

One option is to install a ducted heat pump system, which can be installed in new builds, or designed and installed in most existing homes. This system is more cost effective, and ensures a healthy air flow throughout the home and filters the air for dust particles. Additionally, homeowners can opt to include an energy recovery ventilation system to a ducted heat pump setup for even greater efficiencies and lower power bills.

Another option is to install one outdoor unit and connect it to multiple units inside. This system of multi-room heat pumps helps you get the most out of your outdoor unit, and ensures your home enjoys heating and cooling throughout the year, as well as dry, clean air. This second option may be required if a ducted system is unavailable for your home, as is the case in some properties that do not have enough roof or underfloor space for ducting.

Heat Pump Selection Wellington

Choose Lite Energy for your whole house heat pump solutions

If you want to take advantage of the efficiencies of a whole house heat pump solution, choose the Wellington electrician that’s focused on reducing the environmental impact of heating and cooling homes.

Lite Energy can help you to determine the best whole-house heat pump solution for your home and budget, and can design, commission, and install the system as well. We will ensure your heat pump works for you, cutting down your energy bills and carbon footprint with a highly efficient system that works for you.

Call us on 0800 LITE NRG (548 3674) , or get in touch via our contact page for a free no-obligation quote, or to discuss your options.

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