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Introducing Our Partnership with Trees that Count!

We are thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Trees that Count, a leading environmental organization dedicated to restoring and preserving New Zealand’s native forests. Through this collaboration, we aim to make a significant contribution to environmental sustainability while creating a greener future for our beautiful country.

How It Works:

With every purchase you make from our company, you are actively participating in our tree planting initiative. For every $500 spent, we will gift one native New Zealand tree to you. This means that every transaction you make with us not only benefits you but also contributes directly to the reforestation efforts across the nation.


By joining hands with Trees that Count, we can make a real difference in our environment. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our partnership:

Environmental Impact: Trees are vital for combating climate change, improving air quality, and protecting biodiversity. Your tree gifts will help restore native forests and create habitats for native species, contributing to the overall health of our ecosystem.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: By participating in our tree planting initiative, you showcase your commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. You become part of a community that values the preservation of our natural heritage.

Positive Public Image: As our partner in this endeavour, you will be recognized for your contribution to reforestation efforts. We will highlight your involvement through our website and social media platforms, showcasing your commitment to a greener future and encouraging others to follow suit.

Join Us Today!

To learn more about Trees that Count and their incredible work, visit their website:

Together, we can create a lasting impact and ensure a thriving environment for generations to come.

Trees planted so far:

Trees that Count - watering seed

National Wetlands Trust of NZ

The National Wetland Trust aims to get Kiwis “into” wetlands – literally and figuratively – for the health and wellbeing of current and future generations, and to preserve our unique heritage.

Wetlands are the key to clean waterways and climate change mitigation, but few people know it’s the wetlands that do these jobs, and 90% of New Zealand’s wetlands have been drained or filled. The plants in wetlands host bacteria that strip out the nitrogen that pollutes lakes and rivers, turning it back to a harmless gas. Healthy New Zealand peatlands are year-round carbon sinks, locking carbon back in the soil. Wetlands also protect us from floods by storing excess flood water and slowly releasing it to replenish groundwater. Mangrove forests in estuaries are credited with saving lives in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. We need to protect the few wetlands remaining and encourage and support our communities to create and restore wetlands to do these jobs that nature designed.

The Trust promotes wetlands and shares knowledge on how to look after them by organising public events, educational material, wetland trails and restoration advice.

Read more about them here:

Money Raised So Far This Quarter For The National Wetlands Trust of NZ

Native Forest Restoration Trust

The Native Forest Restoration Trust was formed to help restore, regenerate and protect New Zealand’s native forests and wetlands. The Trust is governed by a board of voluntary Trustees with the support of a Trust Manager, Administrator, several Reserve Managers and a network of Honorary Rangers and volunteers. We also work with a range of external contractors. Each piece of land that we look to purchase is assessed on its ecological significance, viability for ensuring the long-term sustainability of that particular type of habitat and capacity to naturally regenerate.

Purchasing a piece of land and stopping it from being logged, farmed, or built on is not enough to guarantee its survival. Invasive weeds and introduced pests such as possums, rats, mice and stoats all threaten our native plants and animals. For our forests to regenerate and be restored to their natural state; for them to survive for generations to come, they need a helping hand. They need to be protected from weeds and pests. They need time for seeds to sprout into seedlings; for seedlings to become saplings; and for saplings to grow into strong, mature trees. NFRT have been protecting and restoring New Zealand’s native forests for over 40 years. We own over 7,000 hectares of native forest and wetland throughout the North and South islands – nature reserves which are now protected for all New Zealanders forever.

Read more about them here:

Money Raised So Far This Quarter For Native Forest Restoration Trust

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