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Lite Energy offers experienced electricians in Wellington and the surrounding areas who can install all kinds of lighting systems, from security to LED.

Beautiful and functional lighting throughout the home can brighten up any property, creating areas for work, for living, for entertainment, and even for added security. There’s a lot you can achieve with the right lighting, and Lite Energy can help make it happen.

LED lighting

As a company that aims to put the environment first in everything we do, Lite Energy loves LED lighting. LED products can last up to 10 times longer and use 80% less power than standard lighting options, and the variety of LED lighting means they can be used almost anywhere.

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LED LIghting

Security and outdoor lighting

Security and outdoor lighting plays an important part in ensuring the safety and security on any property. From motion-activated lights, to timed lights, or even lights you can control from your phone, Lite Energy can install them.

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Lighting Security

Lighting upgrades

Lite Energy can examine your existing lighting and make upgrades for better wiring safety at home, and to make your lighting more effective and efficient. We will always search for ways to reduce costs, increase CRI (lighting quality), and minimise the impact on the environment. We can also add new lighting to an existing system if your current set up isn’t meeting your needs.

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Lighting plans

A lighting plan is a blueprint for the lights in your home, each of which will serve one of three types; task, ambient, or accent. Task lighting is functional, such as the lights you would need over a kitchen counter or in an office; ambient lighting provides general and uniform illumination, such as in a living area; and accent lighting draws the eye to a specific item or area, such as a wall-mounted picture light. Lite Energy can help you to devise a lighting plan, and install all of the components.

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Lighting Plan
No matter what kind of lighting you’re after for your property, Lite Energy has the skills, experience, and tools for the job. give us a call on 0800 LITE NRG (548 3674), or contact us for a free quote for your lighting project in Wellington.
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