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Data Cabling

Recently, data cabling has become more important than ever. From internet connections to IP phones, security cameras, and gaming systems, homes and businesses rely on secure cabling to work and live every day.

There’s nothing quite so frustrating as a bad connection when trying to make an important video call, when downloading documents, or working through a large project.

Have you ever struggled to get a crisp, clear image on your Zoom calls? Or found that your gaming system regularly lags? Or have had to wait a long time for a PDF to load?

The benefits of data cabling in Wellington

With the explosion of new technologies, reliable data cabling has become an essential requirement for businesses and homes. Working with older, existing cabling may mean you’re experiencing more downtime or interruptions than you should be.

One option is to install a hard line, or a ‘wired’ connection for your internet, as opposed to simply working with a WiFi connection. This won’t make a difference for your mobile devices, but for technology such as computers and gaming consoles, it can mean much faster speeds, a more reliable connection, and shorter delays (lower latency). This type of connection is particularly beneficial for businesses, but can also offer benefits for those who work or game at home.

Another option is to run cables for wireless access points (WAP) at home or in the office. These access points establish a wireless local area network (WLAN), which creates a zone where you can easily connect to the WiFi. Wireless access points are particularly useful in office buildings and large homes, where the router doesn’t cover the full area with a reliable WiFi connection. Some homes and businesses will use a range extender to increase the places where WiFi is accessible, but these are not as efficient, and do not allow connections from as many devices, as a wireless access point.

Ethernet Cords

Use Lite Energy for data cabling in Wellington

Lite Energy knows how important it is to have access to a reliable and fast internet connection, and we know data cabling. We can install hard lines, add new wireless access points, and offer our expert advice on how to best make use of the opportunities data cabling offers for your home or business.

Get in touch via our contact page or call us on 0800 LITE NRG (548 3674) to discuss your data cabling needs.

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