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Security Lighting

Security lighting can help to make your home a safer, more secure place. Lite Energy can install exterior lighting to improve your home’s safety.

It’s the Kiwi dream to have a big backyard, especially if you can find a home that’s a little off from the street or on a quiet street to avoid traffic noises. During the day, the spaces around a home offer a wonderful area for living and enjoying the outdoors, yet at night, it can mean more shadows and unlit areas.

This can be a small problem, such as finding your way up the front path without tripping, or it can be a larger problem, as it can be a security issue.

Fortunately, modern technology means that not only is security lighting more versatile and intelligent than ever, it’s also more affordable.

Motion detector light

Security lighting options

When it comes to adding security lighting to your home, you have a few options to choose from.

  • Simple outdoor lighting that you can switch on and off from inside
  • Motion sensor lighting that switches on when it detects movement
  • Timed lights that you can schedule to come on during the evening, or even when you are away to give the impression that someone is home
  • Intelligent lighting that you can switch on and off from your smart phone
  • Security lighting that’s connected to an alarm system to deter intruders
  • Ambient or spot lighting

Of course, many of these lighting options work in tandem, so it’s not necessarily an ‘either-or’ situation. And if you’re unsure about which kind of security lighting would be best for your property, we’d be happy to offer advice.

Motion sensor security light

Security lighting installation with Lite Energy

From an in-person consultation to final installation, Lite Energy can help to light up your property for greater security and a sense of safety in your home.

Our friendly team will show up on time, complete the work to a high standard, and leave your property just as tidy as when they found it. Our skilled team has plenty of experience installing security lights, and will take the time to make sure you know how to operate your new system before they leave.

Security Lighting

If you’re looking to install security lighting in Wellington, don’t hesitate to contact us today

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