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General & LED lighting

LED Lighting Installation

There is so much that can be done with lighting.

Sure it provides the basic function of allowing you to see what’s what in any given space when it’s dark outside, but there’s plenty more that can be achieved with traditional or LED lighting: creating an ambiance, highlighting art and special features in a home or office space, directing people along paths and walkways, providing security to a property, and more.

The following are a few types of lighting solutions that Lite Energy can design and install for clients in the Wellington region.

Indoor lighting

As well as simply illuminating your rooms, indoor lighting can create moods and add to your interior design. It can highlight areas you wish to show off, focusing attention in certain places. The right lighting can also increase the functionality of your home, throwing more light on workspaces like the stove or dresser where you need a little extra brightness. The range of lighting possibilities available is huge, and the Lite Energy team can work with you from the start to decide what will work best—then install it efficiently and to a high standard. We are also experts in LED lighting, an energy-efficient option.

Outdoor lighting

Just as we like to brighten up our indoor spaces, outdoor spaces often need a little illumination. This might mean general or LED lighting to make a deck or patio usable after dark, lighting along pathways, or directional lights to highlight particular trees, shrubs, and garden features. Brightening up your BBQs is not a problem for Lite Energy—get in touch to discuss design and installation of your outdoor lighting.

Security lighting

Security lights fitted with motion sensors can deter intruders on your property, reducing the likelihood of theft and property damage. They also come in very handy when you are approaching your front steps at night and need to see where you are going! Make your paths and porches safer with some motion-activated lights, be it LED or traditional bulbs. Lite Energy can plan and install security lighting in the Wellington region.

Commercial and shopfront lighting

Lighting can be used to great effect in commercial displays, highlighting products and creating landscapes and ambiance that best showcase your wares. It’s amazing what can be done with clever use of LED strip lighting and other directional lighting! The Lite Energy team is experienced in creating the best lighting solution for shops and commercial spaces, from design to install. 

No matter what kind of electrical work you’re after for your property, Lite Energy has the skills, experience, and tools for the job. give us a call on 0800 LITE NRG (548 3674), or contact us for a free quote for your lighting project in Wellington.
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