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Builders Temporary Power Boards

Temporary power boards are essential for builders and other contractors on new builds and for major renovations.

Countless contractors and builders rely on an electrical connection to work, but in the early days of a build, they can’t simply use the power supply from the property they’re working on.

A temporary power board is the simple solution to this catch-22 of a problem.

Temporary power boards in Wellington

A temporary board provides electrical sockets for builders and other sub-trades, so they can get their work done without needing a permanent power supply from the work site.

Lite Energy takes care of all the details for a smooth and easy set-up, reliable on-site power, and quick and easy removal once the job is done. We offer temporary power boards as rental units, so you or your company don’t have to foot the bill for a system you’ll only use once.

Our services include:

  • Supplying the temporary power board
  • Installing and connecting the power board
  • Dealing with energy retailers to connect the board
  • Removing the temporary board once a permanent replacement has been connected to the meter board of the new or renovated property.
Temporary Power Board

Use Lite Energy to install and manage temporary power boards in Wellington

Our team at Lite Energy knows the importance of setting up a reliable power board on job sites, and of getting the job done on time so various teams can get to work.

We’re experienced, qualified, and easy to work with, and we’ll manage the temporary power board rental from start to finish. Your worksite might be delayed by the weather, supply issues, or almost anything else, but it won’t be delayed due to a lack of power.

Contact Lite Energy to discuss your temporary power board rental and installation by getting in touch via our contact page, or by calling 0800 LITE NRG (548 3674).

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