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Lighting Plans

Do you love your lighting? Is it functional where it needs to be, beautiful where it can be, and noteworthy where it should be?

Your lighting plan is the arrangement and components of the lighting throughout your home. It includes everything from the LED downlights over your kitchen workspace to the dimmable lighting in your bedroom and the bright and welcoming lights that come on automatically in your entranceways.

It’s easy to simply accept your what your architects or home design entails, but don’t forget that you get a say, and your opinions and goals are the most important part.

Lightbulb closeup

Lighting plans in Wellington homes

When building a new house, there’s an endless list of important things to consider, such as the layout, the paint colours, and the flooring. Yet it’s important not to overlook the lighting – it can make a big impact on your day-to-day lives!

Here are the basics of creating a lighting plan for your home:

  • Start with the blueprint of your house
  • Determine what you have planned for each space (such as study, sleep, living)
  • Decide where the light should come from
  • Decide what kind of light you prefer (task, ambient, or accent)
  • Select your fixtures (subtle downlights or a luxurious chandelier?)
  • Double check and confirm your lighting plan

The good news is that you aren’t expected to do all of this alone, or know which types of lights are the best for each situation. Your architect or lighting designer will be your main source of information and inspiration, but don’t forget that your electrician can offer great advice as well.

Housing blueprint

Let Lite Energy inspire your lighting plans

At Lite Energy, we don’t just install and upgrade lighting, we can also help you plan for it. We know the latest technology, its pro and cons, and how it can best be used for practical and beautiful lighting in your home suited to your needs.

We are also passionate about green energy, and will happily help you choose the most eco-friendly lighting that will reduce your emissions and your power bill. Call us on 0800 LITE NRG (548 3674) or drop us a line via our contact page to get started.

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