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Mains Cabling

Your mains cable is your main source of electricity that connects your property to the energy grid. These cables are required for connecting your home or business to the local power supply.

In New Zealand, this grid-connected power supply is the norm, It delivers 230-240V AC (alternating current) to your home for single phase installations and 400V AC Supply for Three-phase installations. It is the Main line into your property and determines how much electricity you can draw at any one time.

Mains Cable In Ground

Installing and upgrading mains cabling in Wellington

Most new builds in Wellington and the surrounding regions require a mains cable connection for power. In some cases, rural properties may install a transformer instead if a mains connection is too expensive.

New homes will have the mains cabling buried underground, whereas older properties often have overhead – or aerial – connections. Lite Energy can install new mains cabling undergound for new builds, move older overhead cables to underground, or even simply upgrade overhead cables for improved safety and added power supply.

Our team will calculate the demand your property will use and determine the correct cable size during the planning stages, including allowances for future growth or additions. We design the cabling system, supply the correct parts, and install the cable.

We also work with sub-contractors to bury the cable and connect it to the grid for a full end-to-end service that makes the installation and upgrades of mains cables as quick and easy as possible.

Mains Cabling

Call Lite Energy for your mains cabling

Lite Energy is an experienced, qualified, and friendly provider for all things electrical, including installing and upgrading mains cabling in Wellington and the surrounding areas.

Get in touch for a quote or to talk through your questions on 0800 LITE NRG (548 3674), or via our contact page here.

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