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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a blessing on those cold winter mornings, and a welcome luxury throughout the rest of the year.

The only downsides to underfloor heating are the increased power bills and inefficient energy consumption that contribute to a home’s carbon footprint. At Lite Energy, we strive to bring both costs and energy consumption down to a minimum with cutting-edge technology.

Installing a hot water heat pump to power underfloor heating

A hot water heat pump is the latest technology in home heating and hot water systems. This system uses an exterior unit, a hot water cylinder, and an interior control panel to capture warmth from the air and convert it into power that offers year-round hot water and heating.

This model, the Mitsubishi Ecodan, can cut power and heating costs by as much as 70%, and also features:

  • An easy-to-use interface to control heating in each room
  • Advanced weather compensation for steady heating no matter the season
  • An average energy output of 3.2kW, compared with just 0.82kW from electric heating systems
  • A significantly more eco-friendly system

If you already have a hot water cylinder in place, you also have the option of retrofitting a hot water heat pump using your existing cylinder.

Choose Lite Energy to install your hot water heat pump system for underfloor heating

Lite Energy firmly believes in making changes that will benefit both the homeowner and the environment. With the Ecodan hot water heat pump, homeowners can enjoy year-round warmth and hot water without the high power bills, and they can do it in a way that doesn’t greatly impact the environment.

We’d love to talk to you about the benefits of a hot water heat pump system and how it can power your underfloor heating for less. Get in touch here or give us a ring on 0800 LITE NRG (548 3674).

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