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EV Charging

Making The Move To Electric Vehicles: EV Charging

At Lite Energy, we are 100% committed to renewable energy in New Zealand. So much of what we do is help homes and businesses make small changes that add up to create a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and a more eco-conscious country as a whole.

One of those changes is making the move to electric vehicles. In 2022, a global survey found that 49% of Kiwis who were planning to purchase a car in the next 24 months would be looking for an electric or hybrid vehicle – a figure up from just 30% only a year prior.

If you’re one of the countless Kiwis looking to make the move, you’ll need to know about EV charging so you’re prepared for the switch.

When You Might Need An EV Charger

Naturally, if you are looking at buying electric the next time you’re in the market for a vehicle, you will need to install an EV charger at your home. Most EV come with a standard “Trickle charger” which can plug into a 10A socket. Not only are these much slower to charge your vehicle (think 12 hours + for a full charge) they also don’t offer the same safety benefits of a fixed charger installed by a professional electrician.

Yet even if you’re not currently part of the almost 50% of Kiwis planning to switch to an EV vehicle, it could still be a good move.

For one, you may increasingly welcome guests to your home who might appreciate a place to charge. You might also decide to make the switch to an EV further down the track.

For anyone looking to make minor changes to their property to increase its resale value, an EV charger could also be a simple but beneficial renovation that appeals to EV owners in the market for a new home.

Lite Energy can help make you an informed decision on what charger would be right for you and help get you and your EV charged for the future.

Costs Of Running EV Charging

There are costs of running EV charging through your home, but these are categorically lower than paying at the pump for the same number of kilometres in your car.

The cost of charging an EV is equivalent to paying approximately 30c per litre of petrol, assuming you drive an average of 25-30 kilometres per day (the standard for Kiwis). Depending on the model, it will cost around $3 to charge your EV enough to drive $100km, although you can expect to pay higher rates at public outlets.

In other words, you might only spend a dollar per day, or roughly $30 per month, to run your vehicle on electricity.

Alternatively, you could also install a dedicated Solar array system to help charge your EV during the night or Day saving even more money on electricity. Lite Energy can assess and provide options for solar should you be interested in this option.

Benefits Of EV Charging

One key benefit of having an EV charging is convenience due to its handy location – Right on your property! No longer will you need to pop down to the petrol station and refuel, you can do that right from your own garage or drive way.

Another important factor is time and safety. If the correct EV charger is installed it can save your charging time from being almost a day long to just overnight for a full charge, and if anything were to go wrong the safety devices installed would protect you and your EV from any potential harm.

There are guidelines set in place by WorkSafe NZ, which outline best practices for EV charger installations.

Any professional should follow these guidelines, and ensure the connection is safe and secure for you, your home, and your vehicle.

Looking For An Electric Vehicle?

If you’re looking for make the move, there are many places you can choose from; we have listed a few below

Common Electric vehicles

Build your Dreams (BYD) Cars

Tesla Cars

Installation with Lite Energy

And if you’re looking to install an EV charger in your home, contact the electricians who are dedicated to the environment at Lite Energy today, we can assess your existing electrical installation and inform you on the best charger for your needs.

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