Our Mission

At Lite Energy, we provide qualified, skilled, friendly electricians to homes and businesses all over the Wellington region. But the thing that sets us apart (aside from the fact that we show up on time), is our focus on the environment.

The driving force behind the decisions we make is to provide solutions that contribute to reducing our impact. We educate ourselves, our staff, and through them our customers, so we can find sustainable, energy efficient solutions that reduce our impact and create a lasting benefit for tomorrow.

Our Mission: To get NZ to 100% Renewable Energy

That is a big goal for a small company, so how are we planning to do this?

Currently New Zealand is sitting at around 80% Renewable energy and with New Zealand’s growing demand for more energy usage we are going to have to think long and hard about where that energy generation comes from. The most logical answer would be to build more renewable energy generation plants such as wind farms and hydro electric dams, but even these come with setbacks and can have major impacts on their surrounding environments.

So, what else can we do?

We can look at how we use our energy.

NZ uses around 8000 kWh per Capita, which when you compare it to Europe’s 5500 kWh per Capita is not that flash. However, we can as a collective make a large impact on our energy consumption by changing the way we think and use energy in our day to day lives.

The biggest forms of energy consumption in New Zealand homes and business come in the form of heating our water and heating our properties, other major forms of energy consumption include our cooking and laundry appliances and lighting.

Using energy efficient products such as heat pumps, hot water heat pumps or solar hot water, LED lighting and Energy efficient appliances we can reduce our overall energy consumption, lower our power bills and keep our homes and businesses warm, dry and comfortable all while helping make a difference.

When choosing electrical solutions for your home, we at Lite Energy bring you a suite of options that optimise the hard work that nature has already done. We provide services centred around highly efficient products that use less power, last much longer and have reduced impact on both the planet and your power bill. A brighter future for all of us really – it’s a win-win.

We bring you the trademark professionalism and courtesy you deserve, with positivity and enthusiasm to exceed your expectations.

Lite Energy. Efficient, with energy.

Supplying Electrical expertise to the Wellington Region