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Ventilation – Why you should invest in it

Ventilation supports the circulation of fresh air through our homes and helps keep our house mould and damp free. It is a concept that is often not thought about in New Zealand homes and leads to many families facing serious health risks that they sometimes don’t even know about. At Lite Energy, we can help make your whole house ventilated through a range of systems that can support a happy and healthy home!

The benefits of ventilation

1. Stop condensation

Arguably the largest benefit of a well-ventilated home is the reduction of moisture and dampness in one’s home. This will not only save your house from mould and other rotten surfaces but will also prevent any health risks that might arise from a home with condensation, such as allergic reactions, various respiratory problems, for example, asthma, for many people.

2. Temperature control

Ventilation is critical to keeping homes dry that we know, but did you know it also helps with temperature control? A dryer home is easier to heat and cool, and with some systems, the warmer exhaust air is used to temper the incoming cooler fresh air to regulate temperature and create a comfortable living environment for all to enjoy

3. Keeps air purified

Living in New Zealand, we Kiwis generally believe that our air is one of the purest in the world, but we often seem to forget that the air inside our homes significantly differs from what we are used to outside. Without good ventilation, the air in our homes can quickly become polluted with bacteria, moisture, mould and unpleasant odours. A well-designed ventilation system filters fresh air into the property and forces stale air out, reducing the build-up of these contaminants.

Common areas where ventilation is required or should be considered

We can see the benefits of having ventilation in properties, but where are we most likely to need it?

The obvious examples are the bathroom and kitchen, which are now a requirement for all rental properties. All private rentals must comply within 90 days of any new or renewed tenancy after 1 July 2021, with all private rentals complying by 1 July 2024.

Other Examples of areas at risk and needing ventilation are properties with some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Are old and not airtight.
  • Have single glazing windows.
  • Get low Sun exposure.
  • Have Subfloors or are located near banks of earth
  • In high moisture areas, located near rivers or areas of poor drainage.

These properties tend to be at high risk of having mould and dampness, and areas such as bedrooms and living rooms should be considered for mechanical ventilation if possible.

Want to keep yourself and your house healthy?

Get in touch with our team, who can make suggestions on what solutions can work for you and help make your house the healthiest and driest it has ever been, and you’ll never have to think about mould or unpleasant odours in your home again!

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