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LED lights have become a popular staple in many modern homes, replacing traditional lighting solutions. You may wonder whether it’s worth investing in this option and changing all your current lighting to LED ones. Lite Energy is here to highlight 8 benefits of LED lights.

Long lifespan

One of the greatest benefits of LED lights is their lifespan. Instead of changing the bulbs regularly, you will be able to enjoy their brightness for 2 to 4 times as long as fluorescent, halogen or metal halide lamps. An average LED has an operating hour of 50,000 hours or more and has much lower maintenance and replacement cost than other traditional lighting options, making it an appealing option for anyone not having the time to spend replacing bulbs.

Energy efficiency

Another excellent advantage is their energy efficiency. LED lights use much less power than other lights and can result in savings of up to 80% from your power bill. They are an excellent option if you want a smarter and higher-performing home while also enjoying some simple savings. Their energy efficiency happens due to the higher lumen output per watt, as they can turn approximately 70% of their energy into light.


LED lights do not need to get warm to create light, unlike fluorescent and incandescent lamps, which makes them a safer option in any situation. You won’t need to worry about children burning themselves when touching the bulb, and even if something goes wrong with your electrical system, they are still the safest choice. LED lights are also able to operate on lower voltage systems, making the whole home even safer in an emergency.


Have you ever felt like your traditional light doesn’t give off enough brightness, and you can’t see even when the lamp is turned on? LED lights lumen output is much higher than that of incandescent bulbs, making them shine bright even if they are smaller and you have fewer bulbs around. If you want to make your home brighter, LED lights will be an excellent option!

Small bulbs

The size of LED bulbs is much smaller than traditional bulbs, making them an adaptable solution for a large number of lighting designs. Whether you want a big statement piece or a simple lamp, LED bulbs will do the trick. They can even be used in commercial situations, such as at stadiums and even in traffic lights and circuit board lighting. Whatever you need new bulbs, LED lights will be able to offer an appealing solution!

Colour range

LED light bulbs create different colours and shades without the need for gels and filters, which can fade over time. Instead of getting a different colour scheme after a period of usage, you will enjoy the exact look that you purchased until the end of the LED light’s lifetime. With LED lights, the actual diode or coating is changed to a specific colour to alter the look and brightness of the shining light.


Traditional lights can take some time to warm up and emit the maximum brightness they are capable of. On the other hand, LED lights turn on and off instantaneously, giving you their benefits straight away. Frequent switching also doesn’t cause any damage to the device, making it an excellent option for lights that you turn on and off regularly.

Environmentally friendly

LED lights are the most sustainable lighting solution on the market. They don’t contain any harmful materials like fluorescent or vapour lights do and can be disposed of relatively easily at the end of their lifespan. They eliminate much less CO2 emissions than other traditional options and use less power, having a reduced impact on the environment overall. They are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to contribute to saving our planet!

There are countless benefits of LED lights, and at Lite Energy, we are an advocate for changing your current lighting solution to this much more environmentally friendly solution. We can fit LED lights both into new builds and renovations and will provide you with their benefit quickly. Get in touch with the Lite Energy team today to find out how we can help you with the LED lights.


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