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Lights. Hot Water. Heating. What do they all have in common? Energy.

Energy is one of those things that is often taken for granted, and its impact on the environment is often forgotten about. Heating water and heating properties is the biggest form of energy consumption in Aotearoa, so how can homes and buildings stay warm and dry but also positively contribute to the environment?

Currently, Aotearoa uses around 8000 kWh per Capita, which may not mean a lot to the average consumer. However, when compared to Europe’s 5500 kWh per Capita, New Zealand could do with a little improving. Operating on 80% renewable energy, New Zealand continues to grow towards 100% renewable energy generation. However, to get there, it’s not a matter of building more power plants to meet the country’s growing demand, but more a conscious effort to lower the consumption, starting with the home.

By opting for electrical solutions that are energy-efficient, homes and buildings are emitting fewer greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. With improved environmental performance, homes are dryer, warmer – and the monthly power bills are lower too!

When choosing or upgrading lighting, heating, or hot water, there are endless options that are great for the home and the environment too. From LED lighting to heat pumps to solar hot water, these energy options generate less power and lessen the demand for non-renewable energy like fossil fuels. Energy-efficient solutions can make a positive contribution to the environment and the biodiversity that it inhabits.

Paying for an entirely new system can be overly expensive when your home’s existing system is still functioning. Lite Energy can assess if your current systems within your home can be upgraded or replaced by bringing you a suite of options that optimise the hard work that nature has already done.

These not only cost less in bills but also cost the environment less too, it’s a win-win.

Nature provides us with an abundance of natural resources, which we can use to our advantage to generate a plentiful supply of energy. So why wouldn’t we want to use it?

Lite Energy offers an extensive range of energy saving solutions for your home or building. From installations, to upgrades, to electrical advice, our team is here to offer the electrical solutions that are cost effective and create a lasting benefit for tomorrow. Get in touch with us today.



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