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What hot water heating option should I get?

Are you wondering what kind of hot water heating system you should choose for your home? At Lite Energy, we believe hot water heat pumps are one of the most efficient water heating options. Let us explain how they differ from gas and electric water heaters and why they might be the best choice for your home!

Benefits of a Hot Water Heat Pump

A hot water heat pump has several benefits over both a gas and an electric cylinder. Firstly, this option heats not only your water, but it can also heat your whole home, meaning that you get comfort in your entire house by using only one system. It is more energy-efficient, has a much lower running cost, and eliminates greenhouse gas emissions that gas hot water cylinders release, making it the most environmentally friendly option after a solar heating system. Your home will never be out of hot water, as it provides instantaneous heat, and in the event of a power cut, it will hold hot water for several hours. At Lite Energy, we recommend this type of water heating option to households that use a moderate to a high amount of hot water. When you contact us, we can explain the benefits and help you choose the best option for your home!

How they work

Hot water Heat Pumps work by extracting heat from the air outside and transferring it to the water stored in the cylinder. This means that they work better in warmer outside temperatures (above 6 to 7 C). There are two different types of hot water heat pump systems:

  • All in one integrated system: both the heat exchanger and cylinder are located outside of the house in a single unit, and
  • Split system: the heat exchanger is located separately from the storage cylinder, which can be either inside or outside.

The hot water tank needs to be heated to 60 C at all times to prevent legionnaires disease. When you come to Lite Energy for your hot water heat pump, we will explain precisely how they work and how you can use them in the most energy-efficient way to save you money and protect the environment!

Energy Efficiency

Hot water heat pumps are the most energy-efficient water heating systems and cost between $150 and $650 to run in a year, depending on the electricity rate and the outdoor temperature. Instead of generating heat, they move it from outside to the water. They are two to three times more efficient than electric cylinders and four times more efficient than gas hot water cylinders. With a long life expectancy and up to 70% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to gas systems, hot water heat pumps are safer, cleaner, greener and better for the environment than any electric or gas cylinder system. At Lite Energy, we pride ourselves on offering energy-efficient solutions lower in cost and help support the environment.

Average cost of installation cost

The cost of installing a hot water heat pump might be higher than that of a gas or electric cylinder, but you will get your investment back quickly due to their lower running cost. Depending on your model, the installation can cost around $4000 to $8000. However, if you use 2800 kWh/year to heat water at the moment, then the heat pump should save you around $470 per year (at 25.5 cents per kWh), suggesting that you will quickly get the money back you invested. At Lite Energy, we can help you from the selection of the best hot water heat pump for your home to the installation and maintenance of your system!

Different solutions for hot water heat pump

When you decide to get a hot water heat pump, you have more options than just new installs. We can also retrofit the new system to your existing hot water cylinder, which will reduce your investment cost and makes hot water heat pumps an option for everyone. When you come to Lite Energy, we will tell you the different options you might have and help you select the best choice for your situation!

If you would like to find out more about hot water heat pumps and how they might benefit your home, contact Lite Energy. We install, retrofit, service heat pump systems and strive to offer you the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option!


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