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We explain how to reduce your energy usage while making a few changes

Conserving energy not only benefits your wallet. It also has a significant impact on protecting our environment. There are several different ways in which you can reduce your home’s energy usage, ranging from considerable home improvements to small changes in your household’s behaviour. In this blog, Lite Energy, your green and eco-friendly electrician, gives some tips and tricks about how you can go about reducing your energy usage simply and effectively. If you are ready to start your energy saving journey, read on to find more!

Simple behavioural changes

The easiest and cheapest ways to save on your energy usage are a few simple behaviour changes that your whole household can partake in. Turning your lights off in rooms that aren’t in use and using natural light wherever possible might not seem like major things to do. However, added up together, they can save you some money. Similarly, taking shorter showers, turning the tap off when not in use, or putting full loads of washing on instead of a few clothes are some changes that you can make for free. Being more conscious about when and how your household uses power and where most of your electricity is going will help you reduce your energy usage in a short time and without much compromise. There are several energy calculators online that help you break down the cost. The Lite Energy team can also point out your greatest energy consumers and suggest best practices personally for your situation!

Switching to LED lights

Changing your lightbulbs to modern and highly energy-efficient LED options will give you not only better lighting and reduced energy usage but also a saving of approximately $100 to $150 a year on your power bill! Slightly more expensive than traditional options but lasting up to 25 times longer, they will bring their price back in savings in no time. Using up to 80% less electricity, they are a perfect way to start your journey towards reducing your environmental impact and increasing your savings. Lite Energy can switch all your lights to LED options and explain the many benefits that you would get from these lights.

Energy-efficient appliances

Purchasing energy-efficient appliances again might mean that you are spending a higher upfront cost, but the savings that come after will quickly get you the money back that you paid. When buying an appliance, make sure you have a good look at the energy efficiency ratings. In New Zealand, several appliances are required to have a star rating and how much energy they will use in a year. Opt for a high star rated but low energy using option if you want to get the most energy-efficient appliance. For example, a machine that uses 500kWh energy a year will cost approximately $130 to run. Lite Energy’s heat pumps are all energy-efficient and will support you in reducing your energy usage. Make sure you look at all areas with appliances in your home, including the kitchen and laundry, which are often the most significant energy consumers.


Your energy usage can not only be reduced inside your home. Walking, cycling or taking public transport to your office or your children’s school can significantly reduce your environmental impact. Even fuel-efficient cars leave a large carbon footprint on our planet. Purchasing hybrid or electric vehicles can support your green journey, but they will likely increase your energy usage at home, so it is important to prepare your home accordingly for this new power user. Lite Energy can help you create a smart and energy-efficient house, even with this added energy consumer!

Of course, there are the more extreme and expensive options, such as solar installations, that you should strive to reach at one point. However, just making some of the changes that we suggested above will reduce your bills and your environmental impact. At Lite Energy, we have several energy-efficient appliance options available. As your green electricians, we will be happy to give you some suggestions about how you personally can reduce your energy usage.

Contact our energy-conscious team today for more information about how we might be able to help you conserve energy in your home and reduce your impact on the environment!

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