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Have you never had a heat pump before and are wondering how you can maintain it? Do you want to increase the life of your heat pump and want to know if there is anything you can do yourself to achieve that? Lite Energy is here to give you some at home servicing tips that you can do yourself to improve the performance and maintenance of your heat pump.

At home heat pump servicing

There are several ways that you can service your heat pump yourself at home that will ensure it works to its full potential and gives you the comfort in your home that you are looking for. Here are a few things you can perform yourself to keep your heat pump working for a long time.

  1. Filter cleaning

Filters in your heat pump collect the dust and dirt that are in the air when it passes through the unit. This is the most important part of a heat pump cleaning process, as filters can get quite dirty even just after a few weeks or months of usage.

The filters are easy to clean. They need to be removed by lifting the front cover of your model and sliding out the filter. Once removed, you can spray it with a natural cleanser and rinse it thoroughly. Make sure you don’t use any solvents or harsh chemicals, as these can damage the fabric. You can even get a special filter-cleaning spray which will make the air from the heat pump smell pleasant.

  1. Changing your filter

Even though it should be working well for an extended time with the regular cleaning of your filter, you should consider replacing it once every year or every two years if you use your model less often. This will ensure that you get clean air coming from the heat pump, and your equipment functions well for a longer time. Make sure you get the correct filter for your model, as otherwise, it won’t be able to perform well. At Lite Energy, we stock a range of parts and can change the old filter for you.

  1. Indoor unit cleaning

Ensure you maintain your unit according to the product manual and follow any suggestions they have. When cleaning the indoor unit, inspect the fan vanes and heating fins for any dirt build-up. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and wipe the outer casting with a soft cloth and neutral cleaning spray. Straighten any fins if they seem bent, as this will ensure the air gets to all the places in your room.

  1. Outdoor unit cleaning

Clean your outdoor unit whenever it seems dirty and remove any clutter from around it so that it won’t get sucked in through the fans. Also, ensure that water is free to drain, as this can damage your outdoor unit causing your heat pump to stop working.

Heat pump servicing

Even though you can do a few things yourself to service and maintain your heat pump, you should get your equipment checked at least once a year by a professional technician, especially if you use your heat pump throughout the whole year for both heating and cooling. This will ensure that any underlying issues are serviced and don’t affect the performance of your machine in the future.

At Lite Energy, we offer heat pump servicing, where we check that all components work well, clean out all filters and compressors and complete a final test to ensure your model operates perfectly and all modes function. Get in touch with us if you require help with your heat pump maintenance and servicing. We will perform all necessary processes and give you further tips and tricks to improve your model’s performance.

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