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Prepare your home for your new electric vehicle with Lite Energy

Have you decided to switch to an electric car recently? Then you might be wondering how you can get your home and household ready for this change. You might have questions, such as how much more am I going to spend on power? Is there a way that I can make the charging as energy efficient as possible? Are there any new tools and machines that I need to invest in? In this blog, we give you all the answers so that you can prepare accordingly for your new innovative and environmentally-friendly electric car.

Why do I need a charging station at home?

Getting your home prepared for charging is necessary for everyone with an electric car, as there is sadly a lack of public charging stations across our country. Charging your vehicle at night will be the safest option in ensuring you will always have enough power to get to work or your desired location during the day. So, it is essential that you have a safe, fast and reliable station at your home in order to be able to use your electric car the same way as petrol ones.

Choosing the right charging option

There are a few different charging station options that you can select from when fitting out your home. The most simple one is the standard plug that comes with your vehicle. This can be used both inside your garage or outside with some precautions if you don’t have a dedicated space for your car. The cable can be plugged into any standard 3-pin NZ outlet and works well enough to charge your EV overnight. It is portable, and manufacturers advise to take it with you to avoid running out of power, as you can use it with any NZ power outlet at work or someone else’s home when there is no public station around. However, many owners often opt for a wall-mounted unit, as it has many advantages.

A wall unit has many advantages. The main one is that you can set when and how long you want your vehicle to be charged for. This ensures that you don’t use power unnecessarily while also providing your EV is fully charged when you need it. Many of these stations also come with a mobile app, where you can remotely observe charging status, how much power it uses and other essential information. Wall-mounted units are also safer, having an inbuilt shut-off and surge protection protecting your EV from any potential problems. They are a quicker option and can be used even in colder and environmentally impacted locations, as they have a protective cover. These units need to be installed by a qualified electrician, and Lite Energy can help you with the job.

The third option is DC charging, which can charge your car just as quickly as public stations. This option can be costly and put even more load on your power at home, so make sure you consider this before making your decision. It is quite a challenging job to connect this power outlet to your home, so ensure you engage the services of a qualified electrician, such as Lite Energy We suggest you select this option if you have multiple EVs you want to charge at once in your garage.

How we can help

Before purchasing an EV, make sure you check all your wiring and plugs in your home by a qualified electrician, as your new vehicle will put a significant load on your home. We can perform an energy audit to see whether your home is ready for this added load and approximately how much more it will cost you. At Lite Energy, we can install your charging station, check that everything is in order and that the additional electrical power usage won’t affect your everyday needs. As professional green electricians, we know everything about preparing your home for this environmentally friendly option, so get in touch with our team to get the most out of your EV with the least impact on your home.

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